Hot & Steamy For All Things Tea

April 3, 2010

Hot & Steamy For All Things Tea


A man walks into a café and asks for coffee. At All Things Tea, he‘ll get the boot – lucky for him, Starbucks is across the street. Tea leaf lovers, on the other hand, will feel right at home, if not slightly overwhelmed, among the 300 imported types of their favourite hot beverage. Students, who will appreciate the quiet atmosphere, can flash their IDs and get 5% off any purchase.

Discover different black teas, oolong teas (apparently the China Oolong is great for reducing stress and losing weight), and green teas (Kukicha is a fave). The free wi-fi and desserts made with real tea only add to the ambiance.

Warning: while you may walk in with only scant knowledge of the standard teas – English Breakfast, Chai, and Earl Grey – you’re guaranteed to leave with PhD in tea. Which is perhaps even more useful than that English degree.

All Things Tea
476 Bloor Street West
Photo Credit: Shiran Teitelbaum

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  1. Diane 3 years ago  

    All Things Tea is gone. Do you know where in Toronto I can get the same kind of teas? His were premium blends.

  2. Shiran 3 years ago  

    We know. And we’re sad. However, David’s Tea is our new fave! Slightly pricier, but well worth it.

  3. Eduardo 2 years ago there is the web page of allthingstea, the same one that used to be at 476 Bloor St West.


    all things tea

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