Sale Away to BCBG Sample Sale

May 1, 2010

Sale Away to BCBG Sample Sale


Close your eyes and imagine how great it would feel to put away your winter clothes and welcome summer with a wardrobe full of new dresses? The only thing that could top that is actually being able to afford it. Now stop imagining, get your purse, and head over to the BCBG sample sale on Laurier Avenue in Outremont.

Whether you are looking for the perfect dress to surprise your date, wear to that cocktail party, or flaunt at work, you’ll find it there. Prices are reduced by at least 50%. Most dresses are priced between $70 and $100.

So run to Laurier before the goodies are gone! Just make sure that you bring patience with you, because the fitting rooms will be packed with like-minded deal-hunters. The sale ends on Sunday, May 2nd, so get while the getting’s good.

1020 avenue Laurier Ouest

, Montreal, Montreal: Fashion

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