The Wizard of OZ (and meat pie)

May 20, 2010

The Wizard of OZ (and meat pie)


When you hear someone say “I’m baking a pie,” flaky and fruity flavours from your childhood probably run through your brain. However, New Zealand-born chef Don Hudson wants to change all that. In his homeland (and its neighbour Australia), pie means savoury, not just sweet. Think meat, sausage, potato, curries, casseroles and veggies. (AKA delicious).

Hudson started Tourtiere Australienne, a company specializing in all things Kiwi pie (the country, not the fruit). All ingredients come directly from the Jean Talon market, guaranteeing freshness and top quality. The dough (which can make or break this type of pie) is “hand-made butter puff, made using a two-day process of rolling, folding and resting,” so you can tell these culinary delights are made with an immense amount of love.

A single-serving pie (starting at $4) and a salad is a complete dinner, and a huge family-sized pie is just $15 (they can be bought frozen and reheated at home).Check out their website for menu details and stop into their Parc Avenue store to pick something up. All that’s missing is a side of hot Aussie Rugby players.

Tourtiére Australienne
4520 avenue du Parc

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