Comedy Taken by the Horns: Zoofest

July 6, 2010

Comedy Taken by the Horns: Zoofest


Don’t get us wrong – we love our regular Just for Laughs festival as much as the next Montrealer. However, if this year you’d like to experience another side of this internationally renowned comedy festival, consider Just for Laugh’s evil (but so funny) cousin, Zoofest.

Zoofest straight-up warns interested participants: you have to be open-minded, curious of different art forms, and nervy enough for brash, unconventional, and usually shocking humour.  If you think you’ve got that down, then you’re ready for their lineup of fresh  talents, coming from backgrounds such as dance, circus, and theatre on top of comedy. Included in the mix is the nasty and proud Patrice Oneal, YouTube-star-gone-Hollywood Bo Burnham, and the famous sketch/improv troupe Upright Citizens Brigade (which produced amazing funnywoman Amy Poehler, among a million other comedic talents). So you’re bound to laugh and gasp.

The best part is that Zoofest wants to make all the talent they’ve painstakingly scouted affordable for even the most cash-strapped of us.  Tickets top at around $21 – and for just $29, you can be in possession of the Zoopass, which will get you into all the shows.

The price tag alone will have you laughing all the way from the bank to the show.

July 12th – 25th

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