Wacky Wednesdays at Studio M&W

July 9, 2010

Wacky Wednesdays at Studio M&W


Do you ever feel like you’re getting the same haircut over and over again? At the prices that most decent cuts are going for these days (at least $60 a pop – yikes), it’s just not worth the charge. So if you feel like you’re ready for a drastic style overhaul, visit Studio M&W – a gorgeous high-end salon known to celebrities and local fashionistas alike – but only on one day of the week.

On their Wacky Wednesdays, Studio M&W offers $20 cuts and $30 colouring, on one condition: they choose the stylist for you, and you let them do anything they want. In terms of what looks best on your head, the professionals probably know a bit better than you do. There’s no better way (or price) to get that whole new you.

Too attached to your braids to risk them? If you’re feeling a bit too scared to get Wacky Wednesday-ed, then go for their Student Wednesday option instead. With one flash of your student card, you’ll get 25% off any of their services.

Whether you end up with a totally new, fashion-forward look, or simply an improvement of the look you’ve come to love, darling, you’ll never look better.

Studio M&W
400 rue McGill

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  1. Kara 3 years ago  


    I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Wacky Wednesday deal at this salon. I’m really interested in trying something like this out on my own hair, however I don’t live in montreal and am hardly there on a wednesday because of work. I was wondering if you konw of any salon that offers similar services in downtown toronto? Thank you.

  2. Bailey 2 years ago  

    From my experience, Wacky Wednesday is definitely something you should check out if you’re a guy because there is only so much they could do to mess up your hair and it will grow out in no time if you don’t like the results. HOWEVER, if you’re a girl no, do not go. You are sadly mistaken if you think they will do to your hair what they think will look good. It’s more like them trying out a technique that they have always wanted to try out and you just happen to be the next victim. I should have known from the way they make you sign a contract in the beginning pledging not to sue them and they make you pay beforehand. When I got my hair cut my hair just basically turned into a mullet with ridiculous layers and awkward length bangs that fell on my cheek bones on either side of my face (which i am having to hide by braiding it every morning). I got off easy though because another girl also paid to get her hair coloured and they turned her from a brunette to a ginger and gave her crazy blunt bangs and buzzed off a giant band around the middle of her head. I really didn’t know why they did this but it’s a “NEW TECHNIQUE” they were wanting to try. So if you always wanted to try something different, research it on google images and go to a hair stylist you trust to get exactly what you want. I think it’s a rip off to even pay 20 bucks for this promotion.

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