DIY: Can it

February 1, 2011



Whether for pens and pencils on your desk or small change on your dresser, little containers and receptacles are always a necessity. But just because everyone uses them, doesn’t mean that stores like Urban Outfitters and Zone should charge upwards of $20 for these indispensable holders.

Channel your inner artiste (and Bandit) by making your own, and saving your hard-earned pennies for something you can’t hand-make in minutes, like a pair of super-trendy wedges or, slightly less tempting, your hydro bill.

Next time you open a can of tuna or tomatoes, save the can. Make sure to wash it out thoroughly – the last thing you want is for your pencils to reek of the ocean floor or moldy veggies.

Then cover the can with any paint you have lying around; acrylic is best. Using some of those old magazines that you’ve been too lazy to recycle, cut out letters, pictures, or patterns to decorate your grungy-chic container. If you’re feeling more creative, you could paint on a pattern of stripes and zigzags, or even draw a little figure or scene!

Lastly, to ensure that the paint doesn’t chip and the magazine clippings stay in place, apply a gloss medium, like Mod Podge, or diluted Elmer’s Glue if you’re really in a pinch, to the decorated surface.

Get your creative juices flowing. It’s time to get artsy.

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