Chagall’s Blues Can Cure Yours

November 21, 2011

Chagall’s Blue Circus at the AGO


Feeling a little blue? Not looking forward to the white blanket of snow that is fast approaching? Need some colour in your life? The AGO has heard you, and has answered.

On now until January 15, the Art Gallery of Ontario is hosting Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde: Masterpieces from the Collection of the Centre Pompidou (Paris). The exhibition includes 118 works from various early Russian modernists (with a hint of Cubist influence). In addition to Marc Chagall’s 32 works, you will find eight by Wassily Kandinsky, and countless others by Malevich, Goncharova and Tatlin.

Chagall’s paintings are compelling works of art. They not only contain personal stories from his past (in almost every painting you can see how peasant life in Vitebsk, now Belarus, influenced the artist), but they are each saturated with cool colours and unusual, dream-like images. There is something magical about each of this master’s works, along with the work of his contemporaries, something whimsical and yet real, something definitely worth checking out! Our personal favourites? I and the Village and Over Vitebsk.

As a member of the AGO you can roam the exhibit free of charge, but for those bandits still paying off school debt, until December 21 you can experience something truly enchanting and vibrant for just $12.50, between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. That’s a small price to pay for being in the presence of not just one staggering artistic genius, but the entire Russian Avant-Garde as well.

On your way out, be sure to check out the gift shop, where you can find awesome posters and other knickknacks for less than $15, to start building your very own Chagall shrine, of course.

Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde
@ Art Gallery of Ontario
317 Dundas Street West

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