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A Richer Brunch Experience

November 15, 2011

A warm cup of coffee at Richtree

Next time you’re craving Sunday brunch, ditch the long line-ups and pricey hot-spots. Visit the Rideau Centre’s Richtree Market for an easy, delicious and cheap alternative.

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Kensington Market’s Jumbo Empanadas

Bank account ruining your plans of visiting South America this fall? Kensington Market’s Jumbo Empanadas is a place that brings the taste of Chile to you.

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Bow to the Bowl: Sumo Ramen

Whether it’s because you’ve had a grueling day at work or you’ve exhausted yourself reveling in a summer’s day, you can’t choose a better modern comfort food than a big dish of ramen.

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Swedish Food Smarts at IKEA

Everyone loves IKEA – the modern furniture, those funky dots over the vowels in all the brand names and, of course, the Swedish meatballs

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Café Town’s Healthy Eats

If you want a quick, penny-pinching lunch without having to resort to the food court, a visit to Café Town is a must.

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Buddha Dog: Ain’t No Street Treat

As you wander the streets of downtown Toronto, nothing catches your nose like the smell of deliciously unhealthy barbequed hot dogs. But take the meat off the street and voilà!

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